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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


The Swerve: How the World Became Modern

Stephen Greenblatt




'A philosophical claim [the claim of Epicurus] that life's ultimate goal is pleasure, even if that pleasure is defined in the most restarined and responable terms was a scandal, both for pageans and their adversaires, the Jews and later the Christians. Pleasure as the highest good? What about worshipiinng the God's and ancenstors, serving the family, the city, the sate, the laws, commandmends, virtue?'

One of my controversal sayings is, "Believe what makes you happy." Of course, you might feel such is apologetics for delusion (and many think I am deluded, so correct, I guess). But the choice is not between believing what makes you happy and some absolute objective truth, but between believing what makes you happy and what it makes others happy for you to believe. If you are human, of course, humans wouldn't compel you to believe something inappropriate, but non-humans have to be more open-minded.