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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

Oh noes! - Part 2

#future #computers #OlofJohannesson

The End of Man?

Olof Johannesson




In the book a worldwide computer network fails, and masses starve.

What's the chance of that now? The internet was made to be decentralized which makes it hard to secure, but also hard to destroy. Locally, ISP's might restrict access, and there are important trunks that transfer traffic between regions. I've read inside a parking garage structure somewhere on the east coast, the majority of traffic for transmission across the Atlantic is funneled through, I assume, undersea cables. So I think the reasonable internet related fears are local outages or global frustration or slow-downs. I wouldn't worry about the internet itself as a threat to survival worldwide, at least at this stage of tech.

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