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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

Some Notes on Reading Maslow's Pyramid

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Motivation and Personality

Abraham Maslow




"For our chronically and extremely hungry man, Utopia can be defined simply as a place where there is plenty of food. Freedom, love, community feeling, respect, philosophy are useless, since they fail to fill the stomach."

"[When bread is plenty, higher] needs emerge and these, rather than physiological hungers, dominate the organism. And when these in turn are satisfied, again new (and still higher) needs emerge, and so on."

"When a needs have been satisfied for a long time, this need may be under-valued. If they are dominated by a higher need, this higher need will seem to be the most important of all [and people may lose a lower need for a higher need]. We may expect that after a long-time deprivation of the more basic need there will be a tendency to re-evaluate."

"People who have been satisfied in their basic needs throughout their lives, particularly in their earlier years, seem to develop exceptional power to withstand present or future thwarting of these needs simply because they have strong, healthy character structure as a result of basic satisfaction." [eg. Martyrdom]

"A more realistic description of the hierarchy would be in terms of decreasing percentages of satisfaction as we go up the hierarchy of prepotency." - Abraham Maslow, Motivation and Personality (1954)