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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

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#iq #intelligence #sociology

The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life

Richard J. Herrnstein, Charles Murray




All good things go with intelligence -- to summarize. When you say it overtly, people reject the idea, but they'll expect a smart individual to succeed. The authors put emphasis on linguistic intelligence as the most stable measure -- you can imagine a math genius stifled by his inability to communicate; a savvy writer might suffer through some college math courses, but he'll come out alright.

Sample size was on the order of 10k. They weren't given official intelligence tests, IQ was inferred from military AFQT. Although important indicators of success were considered, it was only a handful of many marks of value. So I don't know. The book is political; many hate it. I have Mismeasure of Man queued, but I'm going to switch topics for now.

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