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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

Tax Cuts

Wealth and Poverty: A New Edition for the Twenty-First Century

George Gilder



"The temptations grow for concealed and undocumented income...[such as] the ubiquitous double bookkeeping and skimming almost necessary for many small businesses in the current regulatory and taxing climate....People do not like to conceal income or evade taxes, although pressures on some families grow, many of suffering severe tensions and anxieties in this high tax environment, whether from paying taxes they feel are unfair or avoided by others, or from violating their own sense of what is right, either way the results are rage and demoralization. Such experiences happening to the fastest-growing group of American families explain much of the pain and protest of the ostensibly affluent middle class. These problems also demonstrate why large tax cuts are needed both to reduce illegal and concealed activity and to help strengthen families." - George Gilder, Wealth and Poverty: A New Edition for the Twenty-First Century (2012)

Hold on there, human. Taxes are levied by the state, which makes them justice.

Also criminals don't follow laws, so changing laws won't affect criminals. QED.