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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser



Pegacorn Ondacob




'“Well … remember earlier out how I said I wanted to be a mommy and have a baby of my very own?”

“I vaguely remember something like that before blacking out. Hey, wait a minute! What did you put in my drink? Did you drug me?”

“I did and I’m sorry. But it was necessary for you to cooperate. You see I’ve been going over a lot of options. At first I thought about giving birth to my own foal, but I don’t even have a boyfriend. Then I thought about adoption, but that’s full of complications and often a lot of red tape. Then I thought about us and how we’ve been friends longer than any of the other girls. That’s when I realized that you would be a perfect baby for me.”' - Pegacorn Ondacob, Pattycakes

The consensus was of that story being creepy. But it is interesting to think, while it is not appropriate that an adult be subordinate to bottle feeding and swaddling, it is likewise not appropriate that any civilized human should be fully independent. Mother-land and Father-country are to replace those who rocked the cradle.