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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


March to the Scaffold

Foxy Kimchi




"Silver let out a loud sniff. She instantly turned towards Mortar, her eyes filled with tears. 'Mortar, I am so sorry!' she said between sobs. She moved closer to the bed, choking up. 'I never wanted to hurt you, let alone do such a horrible thing!...I wanted to be with you. You made me happy. I am sorry I didn’t realize it sooner! I was confused when we first met. I thought it was weakness to have a relationship, to open oneself to another being. But I was so wrong!'" [Chrysalis had been changed into a pony as punishment.]

On the whole, I think Chrysalis was right. Relationships do make one weak, or at least there's weakness in sacrifice for the mere sake of a human status symbol or in relying on others for your happiness.