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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

Lotus Eaters

I'm Afraid of Changeling (and other short stories)

Cold in Gardez




"With the lotus in her blood, the world was a greater place. Every sound crashed against her eardrums like a bomb. She could feel the wind teasing every hair in her coat. Sounds carried from the distant clearing, and she could hear the heartbeat of each pony still rousing from their slumber. Their scents played in her nose. She could taste them.

She wanted to fly. Or perhaps the lotus wanted her to fly, for it was all the same. The thought had barely crossed her mind and she was already airborne, rocketing away from the ground like a cannon shot. The wind screamed in her ears, almost loud enough to drown out her laughter.

...Without the lotus, the mare was a gentle and peaceful pony. With the lotus coursing through her blood, she was free from such limits. She laughed and screamed...It was a perfect world." - The Lotus Eaters in I'm Afraid of Changeling (and other short stories), Cold in Gardez