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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

celestia is watching

nineteen neighty-four





"at the sound of the princess’s name, twilight felt her stomach contract in anger again. the princess who thought she knew how to run ponies’ lives better, who sought to control every aspect of life. almost automatically her eyes moved to the huge poster that dominated the far side of the room. it was peeling in the top corner slightly, as rarity had not been able to reach high enough to blu-tack it securely in place, and twilight had refused to help her. it was a simple design, just a large image of celestia’s smiling face, with the legend ‘celestia is watching you’ emblazoned above it.

below, in similarly large letters were the words: ‘sometimes. unless you are doing something private or don’t want to be watched. then she is not.’" - nineteen neighty-four, blueshift