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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

good with kids



440 bc



"a band of scythian nomads, who had left their own land on occasion of some disturbance, had taken refuge in media. [the king] intrusted to their care a number of boys, whom they were to teach their language and to instruct in the use of the bow. time passed, and the scythians employed themselves, day after day, in hunting, and always brought home some game; but at last it chanced that one day they took nothing. on their return to cyaxares with empty hands, that monarch, who was hot-tempered, as he showed upon the occasion, received them very rudely and insultingly. in consequence of this treatment, which they did not conceive themselves to have deserved, the scythians determined to take one of the boys whom they had in charge, cut him in pieces, and then dressing the flesh as they were wont to dress that of the wild animals, serve it up to cyaxares as game: after which they resolved to convey themselves with all speed to sardis, to the court of alyattes, the son of sadyattes. the plan was carried out: cyaxares and his guests ate of the flesh prepared by the scythians, and they themselves, having accomplished their purpose, fled to alyattes in the guise of suppliants." - herodotus

hard to outdo that in the spite department.

"if a man, notwithstanding, comes to be old, then they offer him in sacrifice to their gods, and afterwards eat his flesh."

there's just a lot of....eating people in this book.