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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

strange events



440 bc



"instantly he was smitten with disease of the eyes, from which after a little while he became blind.... at last, in the eleventh year, an oracular announcement reached him from the city of buto, to the effect, that "the time of his punishment had run out, and he should recover his sight by washing his eyes with urine. he must find a woman who had been faithful to her husband, and had never preferred to him another man." the king, therefore, first of all made trial of his wife, but to no purpose he continued as blind as before. so he made the experiment with other women, until at length he succeeded, and in this way recovered his sight. hereupon he assembled all the women, except the last, and bringing them to the city which now bears the name of erythrabolus (red-soil), he there burnt them all, together with the place itself." - the history of herodotus

you think how much has been lost from the ancient world, and how much to believe the stories that remain. imagine if the most complete record of our time was an archive of 4chan, and future historians had to piece together what really happened in the ancient american republic.