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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


fallout equestria: project horizons





'before the war, four stars was a transportation company. big connections. pinkie pie was dead set on taking them down. she started with a raid in manehattan, but they were going to storm every holding from hoofington to las pegasus,” watcher replied.
"why?" i asked.

"zebra sympathizers. a whole network of ponies who ended up helping the enemy. major players. right before the bombs fell, pinkie focused on them. i don’t know if it was the raid that set off the attack or not. they had built bases of operations all over equestria, smuggling in weapons and even enemy soldiers. funny thing is… nopony is sure who owned it.' - fallout: equestria - project horizons

pinkie pie, i think i found something at work you might want to investigate...