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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Fallout Equestria: Heros

No One




'"if everyone was a cyborg it'd be so much easier... hey, momma, can i ge-"

"no," i said quickly. "maybe when you're older."

she waited for maybe a few seconds before responding, "i'm older now! can i?"

"much older," i clarified.

"awww, why?" she whined. as a foal i thought that i was good at whining to get what i wanted. after adopting serenity, i realized i was subpar at best.

"firstly, you're too young to make that decision, you might change your mind when you older. usually cybernetics are a 'forever' deal."yes, i had this speech prepared in advance, because i knew eventually i was going to have to use it. "secondly, you're still growing, so you'll have to get replacements every few months and there's no way to afford that. and finally; the technology is still growing, wouldn't you want to wait for cooler technology in ten years?"

serenity opened her mouth to whine again, but closed it before i heard a peep.' - fallout equestria: heroes, no one


oh, skunkie. to live in the barbaric days before cybernetics...