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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


fallout equestria: project horizons





'i spotted some pictures that had been knocked off of the wall and turned over the cracked frames with my they were family. not the mother-daughter dynamic of stable 99, but a family. i could vaguely remember hearing about the old ways in history class, but seeing an actual, happy family like that…

p-21 was looking at the pictures of the old stallion and the uniformed stallion with a shocked expression, one he quickly covered up the second he caught me smiling at him.

"what?" he said defensively...

"awfully cute," i said, giving him a playful wink.

"are all mares sex fiends? is that it?"

"huh?" where did that come from? "i was just trying..."

"don’t you get it? males as soldiers. husbands. brothers. not as breeding equipment." i tilted my head to the side as i was now completely lost. "you see them, though, and... and... cute? that’s all you can say about them?"

pissiest... male... ever… ' - fallout: equestria - project horizons by somber


silly males...