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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


fallout equestria





'"fluttershy! what. did. you. do?!”...

"we healed them,” fluttershy said graciously, her voice somehow filled with happiness but not a hint of pride. several of her unicorns were trotting up to stand by her side.

"i know that,” rainbow dash assured her. "but… how?”

fluttershy blushed, looking pleased. "we call it a ‘megaspell’.”

rainbow dash blinked. "a what now?”

one of the unicorns cleared her throat and fluttershy took a meek step back, allowing the mare to explain. "it’s a new, underlying spell framework that allows smaller spells to be augmented in scope and intensity. this way,” fluttershy claimed, "we can heal everyone on the battlefield with a single spell. no one has to die because we couldn’t get to them in time.”

rainbow dash turned her stare over the battlefield. everywhere, ponies were getting to their feet with expressions of awe and bewilderment. only the dead remained dead, their corpses strewn across the hills and filling the trenches. the wounded, even those at the very brink of death from impossible wounds, were healthy and whole.

"…all of them? healed everyone!? indiscriminately? even the zebras!?!”


"do you know what you’ve done!??”

"i… we…”

"do you know how many ponies died here today?” rainbow dash bellowed. "and now we have to fight the damn battle all over again!”' -- fallout equestria


oh, flutters. sometimes it's best to let the ponies/zebras/etc. have their casualties, rather than mess with their system for answering moral questions.