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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


And a Dark Wind Blows





'There was still a crack on the left side of the “door,” but that was something she both expected and hoped for. He wouldn’t notice it; He was a predator. Fluttershy knew her animals. Predators relied on brute strength and size whereas prey used intelligence to their advantage. Sure, the tables could be turned from time to time and you’d find a crafty and sly predator like a fox taking down gargantuan prey with herculean strength like an elephant, but those were merely exceptions. She knew that there was nothing special about her and nothing special about Him. Their game of cat and mouse was like one of those from the folktales she would read about in picturebooks, underneath the light of fireflies, back when she was a filly in flight camp. As long as she wasn’t standing out in the open, she was safe.' - And a Dark Wind Blows, RazedRainbow