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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas




“...that green preserve is nothing less than the ambrosia which Hebe served at the table of Jupiter...taste this, and the mines of Peru, Guzerat, and Golconda are opened to you. Are you a man of imagination—a poet? taste this, and the boundaries of possibility disappear; the fields of infinite space open to you, you advance free in heart, free in mind, into the boundless realms of unfettered reverie. Are you ambitious, and do you seek after the greatnesses of the earth? taste this, and in an hour you will be a king, not a king of a petty kingdom hidden in some corner of Europe like France, Spain, or England, but king of the world, king of the universe, king of creation; without bowing at the feet of Satan, you will be king and master of all the kingdoms of the earth. Is it not tempting what I offer you, and is it not an easy thing, since it is only to do thus? look!” - The Count of Monte Cristo

'"I'm the night bird, and that is a dreaming nest. So settle down in the nest, dear cat, and be prepared for the dreams. They may be sad or frightening or beautiful, but sleeping in that nest dreams will surely come."' - Milo and Otis