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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

Death to Flutters

A Toast to Friendship

Esle Ynopemos




'It was a pleasant, sunny Wednesday afternoon when Rarity decided she would kill her friend, Fluttershy. A vial of poison would do, secreted in a cup of wine and offered to her as a friendly toast. The poor dear would close her eyes, believing herself sleepy, and die never knowing the black hatred for her that burned in her best friend's heart.

It would be for the best, of that Rarity was certain. No more generous gift could she think of than to let the mare drift off still believing that her friend loved her like a sister. It would shatter Fluttershy to learn the ugly truth, to learn that she was despised and reviled by one she held so dear....Rarity was not a cruel pony, and therefore she resolved to put an end to this whole affair before the risk of losing her self-control became too great.

Poison was a rare commodity in Equestria. Ponies had very little use for things meant only as a means of killing...But there was one pony who could get it for her. Oh, the irony of it was too delicious. Fluttershy made gentle hushing noises as she coaxed the little brown arachnid from its web, gently milking the precious toxin into a tiny glass vial and thanking it for its cooperation. Fluttershy smiled as she handed the key to her doom to Rarity. "Will you show me the fabric once it's dyed?" she asked, full of innocence.' - Esle Ynopemos, A Toast to Friendship

I don't know if I should have found this book amusing.