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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


A Moment in the Sun

Chengar Qordath




'Celestia stepped back, and to my shock I saw unshed tears in her eyes. Her words came out slightly choked, as if she were struggling to keep her emotions in check. "I know you don’t really believe any of that, Sunset. I know you’re just saying it to hurt me." She wiped a wing across her face. "And it worked. You’ve hurt me. Does that at least make you feel better?' - A Moment in the Sun

While I can criticize the ponies for a monarchy, the class system, concentration of power, and parental attitude of the monarchs. The stresses and rivalries that are inevitable. It is interesting to think: how else would you deal with immortal semi-divine alicorns? It's an extreme case of the differential in natural gifts that humans face.