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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser



Sir Isaac Newton




'For so far as we can know by natural Philosophy what is the first Cause, what Power he has over us, and what Benefits we receive from him, so far our Duty towards him, as well as that towards one another, will appear to us by the Light of Nature. And no doubt, if the Worship of false Gods had not blinded the Heathen, their moral Philosophy would have gone farther than to the four Cardinal Virtues; and instead of teaching the Transmigration of Souls, and to worship the Sun and Moon, and dead Heroes, they would have taught us to worship our true Author and Benefactor, as their Ancestors did under the Government of Noah and his Sons before they corrupted themselves.' - Opticks, Sir Issac Newton

Finished Opticks, although I don't think I absorbed the most of it. But I sorta have the idea -- prisms, lenses, thin films, refraction -- all the stuff you learn in school in the modern style.

The last few sentences remind me of Jefferson's enlightenment philosophy, and a bit of Newton's complex relationship to the Church and God.