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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Background Pony





'Everypony deserves to be happy.' - Background Pony

For some reason, reading that makes me think of ballet. Maybe it's about the connection to music, about living more in my body, about meeting new people in real life, I don't know. And I have a pretty good life, so even without, I'm not really unhappy. Many <human view>autistic disorder-ees</human view> can't find jobs at all and I have one. But I think maybe a ballet class is not too much to ask of life, especially now that I live in the big city.

I think this week, I'll do a dry run and see if I can manage getting to the place of the class without too much stress. This sort of thing is harder without a car. If that works, next week, I'll do the class for real.