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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


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Memories. If people can't remember you, you will be without friendship. Without family. Without a home except somewhere abandoned and without employment. No one will be there to share in your life in any deep way. On the other hand, no one will hate you. You won't have a criminal record. You will always receive the benefit of the doubt.

And, if you can't remeber, you will lose the context of your life, your capacity to function in society, and again your friends. But past sadness is erased as well.

I see now what this book did. My intellect appreciates the clever trick of transfering the curse to the reader.

I don't think life is all about memories, but they are significant, and so I ask: how have I been doing in creating happy memories for myself and others? Probably get about a C-. Not a lot of particularly bad memories, but not a lot of really happy ones either. My life has been mostly just work, sleep, and reading. Time with Skunkie and Fluttershy. Sometimes online community. Could use more ballet and other stuff outside my head or computer.