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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Background Pony





'“Oh please, all of this hoo-haa over harmony!” Discord jerked his head and the two violet eyes shot forward, ricocheting off my skull. His mane fluffed back to its normal color as his voice returned. “See? This is exactly the sort of thing I'm trying to bend your ear about, Harpo. I've been around modern Equestria for less than a day, and already I feel like vomiting. In a short ten thousand years, this place has gotten even duller than I left it! To think that so many ponies worship the ground your princesses trot on! It's positively sickening.”

“This kingdom has order!”

“This kingdom is a prison”—he sat up, kicked the throne to splinters, and tickled my chin with a talon—“and it's time we ousted its warden, don't you think?”

I stared daggers at him. “With chaos?”

“What you call chaos, I call 'freedom.'"' - Background Pony

The question comes to mind, can a disorder defined by opposition to a kind of order not itself be a kind of order? Order and disorder are not easy concepts to think about.


“And mixing power with self-righteousness is a good recipe for mayhem. Oh, it's subtle at first, like icky grime that is squeegee'd off a window. and soon the goddesses of harmony you once worshipped without question start doing... questionable things. Like turning visitors from faraway planes into stone...Now tell me... has Equestria enjoyed its millennia of interspecies strife? Civil war? Pestilence? Everfree monsters?..." - Background Pony

And it's true that order that opposes natural probabilities requires enforcement, and sometimes what you enforce that order against builds up over time. The humans have long had authorities and enforcement, and some elements have been common for centuries or millennial, but many kinds of enforced order have given way, too.