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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Past Sins

Pen Strokes




'Twilight had come to call the filly Nyx, an old name from a storybook Twilight remembered from her own fillyhood. Nyx, as the stories went, was a black coated mare that slept during the day and basked in Luna’s night, back before the princess became Nightmare Moon. Her job was to guard her town during the night from the many creatures that hunted in the dark. The tale of Nyx of the Night was one of Twilight’s favorite bedtime stories. Her parents had to have read it to her hundreds of times when she was growing up. It was the first decent name that came to mind when she was trying to find a name for the filly other than Nightmare Moon.' - Past Sins, Pen Stroke

'But gentle Night, to whom I fled for aid,
The friend of earth and heaven, her wings displayed;
Empowered the wrath of gods and men to tame,
Even Jove revered the venerable dame.' - Illiad, Homer