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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Vanished Arizona

Martha Summerhayes



'I asked Jack why we could not have a whole house. I did not think I could possibly live in three rooms and a kitchen.

"Why, Martha," said he, "did you not know that women are not reckoned in at all at the War Department? A lieutenant's allowance of quarters, according to the Army Regulations, is one room and a kitchen, a captain's allowance is two rooms and a kitchen, and so on up, until a colonel has a fairly good house." I told him I thought it an outrage; that lieutenants' wives needed quite as much as colonels' wives.'

Book is mostly, I suppose, a well-bred New England woman complaining about the difficulties of adjusting to life attached to her Lieutenant husband. Speaking of which, how do women today manage without wet nurses?

Then she complains about how settlement of Arizona has washed away its rustic character.

Although even though I was not delicately reared and can make do in apartments, I am a modern, and going back to the frontier as it was 100 years ago would probably involve a lot of complaining on my part, too.