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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

Death Valley

Tales of Lonely Trails





"a caravan of Mormons, numbering about seventy, struck out from Salt Lake, to cross the Mojave Desert and make a short cut to the gold fields. All but two of these prospectors perished in the deep, iron-walled, ghastly sink-holes, which from that time became known as Death Valley."

"Funeral Mountains"

"On a ridge above Furnace Creek we came upon a spring of poison water...Nielsen, kicking around in the sand, unearthed a skull, bleached and yellow, yet evidently not so very old. Some thirsty wanderer had taken his last drink at that deceiving spring."

"As for white women—Death Valley was fatal to them." - Tales of Lonely Trails by Zane Grey , 1922

Sounds unfun. Also racist and sexist.