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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

Free Smells

Natural History

Pliny the Elder

79 AD



"In the utmost Borders of India, eastward, about the Source of the Ganges, there is a Nation called the Asthomes, having no Mouths : hairy over the whole Body, but clothed with the Down of the Branches of Trees : they live only by the Vapour and Smell which they draw in at their Nostrils : no Meat or Drink do they take, but only various pleasant Odours from Roots, Flowers, and Wild Fruits ; which they carry with them when they take a Long Journey, because they would not miss their Smelling; but if the Scent be a little too strong they are soon deprived of Life." - Natural History, Pliny, 1st century AD

Oh, God, this place is so filling.