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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

Meeko the Squirrel

Secrets of the Woods

William J. Long




"Suddenly he grew excited—and when Meeko [the red squirrel] grows excited the woods are not big enough to hold him." - Secrets of the Woods, By William J. Long


Got myself Vim Touch for the smartphone, which seems like an awful idea, but given vi is for editing text with as few keystrokes as reasonable, and it's annoying to type on smartphones, it might not be bad. And getting better at Morse Code.

I don't know though. I realize the younger generation probably barely knows what these are, but I like keyboards that have a physical reality and are the size of my hands. And a mouse is great for selecting. I'll get used to the smartphone and find work arounds, but they don't do what I want them to very well. Specifically, text editing that involves a slighly higher level of complexity than word-swype.