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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser

Social Class

Mein Kampf

Adolph Hitler




"Of course the objection will be made that in general it is difficult to differentiate between the material and ideal values of work and that the lower prestige which is attached to physical labour is due to the fact that smaller wages are paid for that kind of work. It will be said that the lower wage is in its turn the reason why the manual worker has less chance to participate in the culture of the nation; so that the ideal side of human culture is less open to him because it has nothing to do with his daily activities. It may be added that the reluctance to do physical work is justified by the fact that, on account of the small income, the cultural level of manual labourers must naturally be low, and that this in turn is a justification for the lower estimation in which manual labour is generally held." - Hitler

"Our intellectual class, particularly in Germany, is so shut up in itself and fossilized that it lacks living contact with the classes beneath it. Two evil consequences result from this: First, the intellectual class neither understands nor sympathizes with the broad masses. It has been so long cut off from all connection with them that it cannot now have the necessary psychological ties that would enable it to understand them. It has become estranged from the people." - More Hitler

You can see Hitler's talking to the same people who might be hooked by Marx's recognition of the struggle of the proletariat, or by Mao's peasant revolution. Or for that matter Jefferson's "all men are created equal" or Berine Sander's universal education. Hitler promises to compress the class system, or at least move it closer to some version of meritocracy.

And I confess as the educated retort to me: "How about you leave science to those actually qualified?!" I wouldn't be against some class disruption either. But I respect for the humans whatever they need to be happy.