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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Cats: Their Points and Characteristics

Gordon Stables

Not sure



Class XII. Any other Variety or Abnormal Formation

'...And, talking of Birmingham, there was one cat exhibited here in this class, which, as a Naval officer, I must be permitted to have a shy at. Was it a Manx? No; very much the reverse, for, whereas a Manx cat has no tail, this brute had no fewer than nine. It was labelled “Garotters back-biter,” and hailed from Millbank prison. I wish it were confined to that prison, or to any prison. By all means use it on the backs of garotters. Tickle them up with it three times a day if you choose. But why, in this civilized age, should this brutal weapon be still raised against our brave blue-jackets, who defend our coast and homes, and fight our battles both by sea and land. Soldiers are now exempt from the lash; are sailors less deserving? ...I have seen a commander—thank God such men are few: smirking to himself, as he looked on a strong man writhing in silent agony.' - Cats: Their Points and Characteristics

Oh, humans are into that sort of thing, granted the Navy has gone a bit kinder, gentler in the last 100 years, but humans still need their justice. Although a bit of a strange aside for a cat book.