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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


The World's Lumber Room


'Chinese barbers sell the hair of which they relieve their customers for manure ; and a celebrated London barber told Mr. Buckland that...when he was an apprentice in a country town the sweepings of the shop were allowed to him as his perquisite, and he was in the habit of selling them at sixpence a bushel to a farmer, who said that the land thus manured with hair required nothing more for three years....Human hair, by-the-bye, is the strongest fibre known, and a rope made of it was shown in the Japanese court of the International Exhibition of 1862. The finest tresses used by hairdressers for making up into plaits, wigs, &c., come from the sisterhoods, and Paris seems to be the headquarters of the trade. Many years ago pedlars, who went about the country in larger numbers than they do now, were in the habit of buying up hair, and have induced many a village lass to part with her beautiful locks for a trifle. In these days, or rather a few years ago such hair would have been worth a good deal.' - The World's Lumber Room

Hold on, you can sell your hair?