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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


The World's Lumber Room


"The townspeople, though disgusted by [the Gallinazo's] filthy voracity, and particularly by a most unpleasant habit of disgorging its food down their chimneys sometimes, when it has eaten too much, yet respect it as a valuable scavenger, and, accordingly, it is protected either by law or custom.

Don Ulloa speaks of the Gallinazo as familiar in Carthagena, which it cleanses of all animal impurities, and calls it an "excellent provision of nature," for in that hot, damp climate the effluvium arising from putrefaction would be quite intolerable." - The World's Lumber Room, Kofoid

Ah, the vulture vomits down chimneys. Well, isn't that nice. Guess the agents of decomposition are important to keep the planet from being piled with dead.