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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Woman in Science




"The romantic idea of treating woman as a clinging vine, and thus eliminating half the energies of humanity, is rapidly disappearing and giving place to the idea that the strong are for the strong—the intellectually strong; that the evolution of the race will be complete only when men and women shall be associated in perfect unity of purpose....Then will men and women for the first time fully supplement each other in their aspirations and endeavors....Then will the world witness the return of another Golden Age—the Golden Age of Science—the Golden Age of cultured, noble, perfect womanhood." - Woman in Science, Mozans, 1913.

Finished the book. One of the first compilations of women's contributions in science and technology. The author had to concede there's been no female Newton, but I thought the list of women involved in science was fairly impressive.