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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Parallel Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans



Reading through some of the history of Greece and Rome. The founding fathers of this country (America) were students of these classical cultures, and tried to incorporate the best into our government. Two things strike me. The first is that most of the problem we face today were basically the same as faced in the ancient world. Rich versus poor, war, class structures, education of youth, government and representation. The other is that if you value individual freedom, most have it pretty good. We are not Sparta where from boyhood we are trained for stringent life and war. We are not under Draco's death penalties for anything but the most righteous behavior. We are not in financial desperation selling children into slavery. Or burying vestal virgins alive since we think maybe they had sex. I complain that I'm not human and there's some friction there, but even with that, I don't have it all that bad.