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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Criminal Investigation, A Practical Handbook for Magistrates, Police Officers, and Lawyers



So in reading Criminal investigation, a practical handbook for magistrates, police officers and lawyers (1906), I'm leaning that gypsies are basically a criminal class characterized by their laziness, cowardice, lack of civilization and pride, incorrigiblability, bad smell, cruelty, avarice, and dirty habits. Yet they have great skill in carrying out robbery, knowing their way around, forming support networks of depots and communication for criminal purposes, fooling victims, and so forth. So, are gypsies still around in the old world?

Apparently the Gypsy stock can only produce black-haired children, but they find gold or red haired children lucky. Rumor is they steal red-headed kids. Sorry Gypsieshy