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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


A Text-book of Assaying

Cornelius Beringer




Reading a book on assaying for mining work. I have some interest in the theory of measurement, although in application to assaying the theory or math is not difficult. Knowing what chemical or physical processes would separate the substances of interest from various kinds of ore sample, and managing safety and sources of error in lab procedure would be hard, though. At least if my general chemistry lab experience has taught me anything.

"The pipette is filled by sucking at the open end with the mouth; this method of filling renders the use of the instrument dangerous for such liquids as strong acids, ammonia, and such poisonous solutions as that of potassic cyanide. One attempt with a fairly strong solution of ammonia will teach the beginner a very useful lesson."

Like bleach through a straw. Seems that's recently become popular.