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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Class Matters

New York Times


Started reading the book 'Class Matters.' I do think class is something that goes beyond income. People shuffle through The Home Depot (where I work), and I am able to kinda pick up which class they belong to, even though they get paid about the same. Now, not being human, I'm sure I get this wrong a bit. But some is education. You can talk to some people about literature or science, and others -- not so much. Some is expectations about employment. Some come from backgrounds where having a job is all that matters. Some feel shame at working a no-skill job while the people they see as peers are professionals or own businesses. Some, although not many, come from upper class backgrounds and are not comfortable being treated; they are used to having more input in what's going on. Class percolates through in their living conditions, family, marriages/relationships, and friends. It's not nearly as much talked about as race -- I have been accused of being a racist a few times, but never a classicist, even though in my estimation class has more to do with determining someone's future than race (although granted, they are intersectional).