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Notes and Reflections on Books and Media

by Hannah Leitheiser


Class Matters

New York Times


I want to learn more about the class system in America. America is sometimes billed as being class-less, although given that pretty much every other country has some sort of class system, it's hard to believe. Plus I am generally aware of classes:
- the criminal/unemployed class -- thugs, parasites -- no legitimate job
- working class - unskilled labor, less than masters level college or not working in their field; uneducated
- professional class - masters/doctorate degree and working in their field, generally knowledge workers
- ruling class - ivy league college prepared, Supreme Court Justices, high level managers and the like.

I consider myself part of the working class (as least as long as my health holds out). One of the issues for me is that scientists are in the professional class, but I'm not sure I'm worthy (or human enough) to deserve to be a member of that class.