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The Squirrel Board
   A network of people interested in squirrels with good information about topics such as squirrel rehabilitation and disease treatment.
Scott Alan Johnson's Photographing Squirrels
   Squirrels themselves practicing the art of photography using a range of both vintage and modern equipment.
Project Squirrel
    An online survey aimed at assessing the distrubution of fox and gray squirrels. - Maple Sap
   One of my pictures was used on their site.

     Book Reviews

Steele, M. A. & Koprowski, J. L. (2001). North American Tree Squirrels. Washington and London: Smithsonian.

Written by the experts on the fox and gray squirrels, this is one of the best books on the subject, and specializes on squirrel behavior, especially mating behavior.

Thorington Jr., R. W. & Ferrell, K. (2006). Squirrels: An Animal Answer Guide. John Hopkins: Baltimore.

A good book about squirrels in general, and certainly worth reading for an overview of the 250 different species of animals that biologists classify as squirrels, but it necessarily has few specifics on any particular species.

Barkalow, F. S. & Shorten, M. (1973). The World of the Gray Squirrel. J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia.

This book is also written by experts in the field, and focuses on gray squirrel ecology more than "North American Tree Squirrels."

Hoogland, J. L. (1995). The Black-Tailed Prairie Dog: Social Life of a Burrowing Mammal. University of Chicago Press.

A rather long book on the behavior of the prairie dog. To be honest, I didn't make it all the way through.

Slobodchikoff, C. N., Perla, B. S., Verdolin, J. L. (2009). Praire Dogs: Communication and Community in an Animal Society. Harvard University Press.

This book details Slobodchikoff's research on prairie dog language, but also takes a few chapters to talk about prairie dog decline, conservation, and the difficulty in providing accurate population dynamic models of small rodents.

Feldhamer, G. A., Thompson, B. C., & Chapman, J. A. (2003). Wild Mammals of North America. JHU Press.

This book provides a nice several-page summary of what is known about fox and gray squirrels, among others.

Alder, B. (1996). Outwitting Squirrels: 101 Cunning Stratagems to Reduce Dramatically the Egregious Misappropriation of Seed from Your Birdfeeder by Squirrels. Chicago Review Press.

A fun little book, mostly about keeping squirrel from feeders, but also has some squirrel stories and factoids.

Gurnell, J. (1987). The Natural History of Squirrels (Natural History Series). Facts on File, NY.

It's been awhile since I've read this, but I remember a focus on ecology and diet.

MacClintock, D. (1970). The Squirrels of North America. Litton Educational Publishing.

A species, by species generally summary.

Allen, D. L. (1943). Michigan fox squirrel management. Michigan Dept. of
Conserv., Game Div. Publ.


Seton, E. T. (1929). The lives of game animals. 4 volumes. Volume IV - Part I, Rodents, etc. Doubleday, Garden City, NJ.

Written by Ernest Seton (stared the Boy Scouts), partly in response to criticism that some of her previous animal stories were too imaginative, Seton spent many years trying to understand a wide range of North American animals.

Compared to any modern biology text, his accounts are still a little imaginative, and in some cases, wrong, but it's still worth reading. Seton was also an accomplished illustrator, and has some very nice sketches, along with doodles in the margins.

Seton, E. T. (1922). Bannertail: The Story of Graysquirrel. Charles Scribner's Sons: NY.

A fictional children's book about a gray squirrel, clearly based on Seton's observations of squirrel behavior. Insightful, but biologically a little off. Beautifully illustrated.

Lindenbach, G. (2004). A Favor in Return.

A fictional account of the adventures of some park fox squirrels, and a lucky person who gets to know them. Unlike the other books of squirrel fiction, this adventure is far more than a simple children's story.

Salten, F. (1938). Perri. Bobbs-Merrill. (Translated from German).

A charming fictional story of two Eurasian Red Squirrels by the author of Bambi: A Life in the Woods.

Potter, B. (1903). The Tail of Squirrel Nutkin. Frederick Warne & Co.

Obligatory reference.