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The purpose of the website is to present photographs, and current, information about members of the family sciuridae (the squirrels).

A large volume squirrel research papers, books, websites, and photographs already exsist, and I'm grateful to all those who have made these avaliable.  By providing references to the works I've used to prepare the image captions, I hope to help visitors find additional information, since this site cannot hope to describe all the details of the hundreds of squirrel experiments and observations made by naturalists around the world.   

Note: Each species has its own section.  When the word "squirrel" is used in that section, "squirrel" means only members of that species.  In the section for the fox squirrel, for example, the word "squirrels" refers to fox squirrels only, unless otherwise noted.

If you would like to use photographs from this website or have photographs you'd like me to add to the website, especially of animals I don't yet have covered, please contact me.