Sciurus niger

(fox squirrel)

Image Caption:
Crab apples, air dried and frozen on the tree, provide this fox squirrel with winter energy to stay alive in sub-zero temperatures.  Although squirrels prefer other foods, crab apples provide about 3.2 kJ / gram of energy (Nutrient Facts, n.d.) and squirrels probably find them easier to access than acorns buried under up to a foot of snow and frozen soil.

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Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger rufiventer) Reaching For a Crab Apple
Works Cited:

Nutrient Facts.  (n.d.).  Crabapples.  Retrieved November 24, 2008, from

Image Location: United States, South Dakota, Brookings
Image Date: 2009JAN14
Image Species: Sciurus niger rufiventer 
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