Sciurus niger
(fox squirrel)

Image Caption:
Mass: 766 g average (Hayssen, 2008)
Body Length: 292 mm average (Hayssen, 2008)
Tail Length: 240. mm average (Hayssen, 2008)
Dental Formula: i 1/1 c 0/0 p 1/1 m 3/3 total: 20 (Koprowski, 1994)

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Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger rufiventer) Eating Pinecones

Works Cited:

Hayssen, V.  (2008).  Patterns of Body and Tail Length and Body Mass in Sciuridae.  Journal of Mammalogy.  89(4):852-873.

Koprowski, J. L.  (1994).  Sciurus niger.  Mammalian Species (479).  The American Society of Mammalogists.  (University of Arizona Link).

Image Location: United States, South Dakota, Brookings
Image Date: 2008DEC13
Image Species:  Sciurus niger rufiventer
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