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Squirrel Observation Form

Observation Location

This map is just a reference to ensure latitude and longitude are accurate, you can not change the latitude and longitude with it.
Many sites let you find lat/long. Eg. or You'll have to copy and paste it into here, though.
Latitide (decimal)
Longitude (decimal)
Location Precision (I'm pretty sure the squirrel was at most this far from the point specified.)
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About You
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Species Information
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Observation Area
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Additional Comments
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Please note that I may print the information you have provided in a table to accompany the range map. I will keep your e-mail address confidential, but for the rest of the columns, only provide information you are willing to share. Eg. if you don't want your name associated with the record, leave the name column blank.
If you'd like to submit pictures for the web site, either e-mail me.

Do you want to become a citizen scientist with "Project Squirrel" hosted by the University of Illinois? is collecting user information about gray and fox squirrels to see how human demographics coorelate with squirrel populations, and I'm sure they'd appreciate your input.
Plus it's easier to use than this survey.